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Sign-up for E-Alerts!

Instructions for Parents and Community Members 

In order to provide the best possible communication between our district and your household, we suggest that you register on our new website. Once registered, you can easily subscribe for E-Alerts at sites and sections you find relevant.
Here's how to register and subscribe for E-Alerts:
Click Register at the top right of the screen. 
 2. Enter your date of birth and click Submit. (You must be at least 13 years old in order to register.)
 3. Complete the data fields in the registration form. At a minimum, you must complete the required fields of First name, Last Name, Email Address, User Name, Password and Confirm Password fields. All information that you enter is kept private and is available to only you and site administrators.
 4. Click the I agree to the Schoolwires Terms of Use check box and click Submit. Click the link to review the Terms of Use. Note that the Please send me E-Alerts for this site check box is checked for you.
 5. If registration is successful, you receive a success message. Sign in to the website by clicking the Sign In link in the message or clicking Sign In located at the top right of the screen.
 6. Once you have signed in, you are ready to add E-Alert Subscriptions. Click My Account at the top right of the screen and select Edit Account Settings from the drop-down list.
 7.  Click Subscriptions.
 8. On the Subscriptions dialog, click Manage Subscriptions. Here you select areas on the website to which you would like to subscribe. Subscribing enables you to receive E-Alert email messages from the editors of these sections. To subscribe, click the check box to the left of your area of interest.
 9. Click the Homepages and Calendars tab to subscribe to the homepage and main calendar of your district and school sites. Click the Other Areas of Interest tab to subscribe to site sections, for example teacher sections.
 10.  When finished with your selections, click I'm Done.
Instructions for SEDOL Staff
Click Sign In in the top right corner of the window. 
 2. Enter your user name (usually first initial, last name) *NOT your full email address.
 3. Enter your network password (usually the same as your Google email password).
 4. Follow the directions from #6 above.