• SEDOL Programs

    SEDOL offers a wide range of high quality services and programs, with each program offering individualized services to best meet the diverse needs of our students. 
    Sector Programs

    The SEDOL sector program is dedicated to providing students an appropriate education within a general educational environment. Sector classrooms are housed within in SEDOL's member district schools and taught by highly qualified professionals. Each sector program offers individualized services to best meet the diverse district population. 
    Itinerant Programs

    Itinerant services are designed for students with various disabilities all within the framework of regular education classroom programs.  The program offers direct service to the students, consultation with the teachers and coordination of information between the student, parents and school personnel. Students enrolled in an itinerant service program typically are seen in a one-on-one or small group sessions. The primary goal of the itinerant program is to provide students with the required special education support all while remaining in their regular education program. SEDOL offers a wide range of itinerant programs and services.
    Transition Programs

    The Transition Program serves students with moderate to severe disabilities who are between the ages of 18-22 years old (After completing four years of high school).  The goal of the program is to provide an environment which encourages self growth while prepare young adults to become contributing members of their communities. These skills and behaviors are taught in a variety of simulated and real-life settings. The focus is on life skills, personal choices, and assisting youth in independence as possible in all life areas. SEDOL's Transition staff is comprised of a dedicated team of highly qualified individuals devoted to providing an excellent educational program for the students maximize their potential in their communities.