About Our ASL Class Program

  • The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at SEDOL is committed to supporting families, staff, and members of the community in their American Sign Language (ASL) learning journey. We offer three 8-week sessions of ASL Classes annually in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Classes are offered both in-person at John Powers Center and virtually via Zoom. The ASL Class Program is grant funded by the SEDOL Foundation, allowing us to provide free classes for SEDOL families.

    When: Wednesday Nights from 6:30 - 8:00 pm

    Where: In-Person Classes are located at John Powers Center.

    Class Information:

    • Three 8-week sessions of ASL Classes are offered annually, Fall, Winter, & Spring.
    • In-Person Classes are offered at 3 levels: Level 1, 2, and 3. Ideal for teens & adults.
    • We also offer an in-person Kids ASL Class in a play-based environment. Ideal for ages 5 through 12. This class is only open to SEDOL or DHH families, with a class maximum of 10 students.
    • Virtual Classes are offered on Zoom at Level 1 only.
    • On-site childcare is available at no cost to SEDOL families.
    • Spanish interpreters are available at no cost to SEDOL families.