• Hi, I'm Carol!  I'm the Executive Assistant to Interpreting Services, and I coordinate interpreter services for all the DHH students and staff within SEDOL.  I grew up with Deaf family and friends, and graduated from Hersey High School, whose large D/HH program sparked my passion for Sign Language.  I started my career in educational interpreting for SEDOL right after graduation, and then moved over to post secondary where I became a full-time staff interpreter at Harper College.  At that time, I took on a second full time position interpreting VRS for Sorenson and Purple, and did additional freelance work with a focus on medical interpreting as well.  It's great to be back at SEDOL again working alongside such great staff and students.  I have my BEI Advanced interpreting license, and am passionate about providing equal access to the community.    

    Our interpreters are spread out between John Powers and Grayslake North High School where they interpret for the students' mainstream classes.  We have a fantastic team whose talent and variety of backgrounds provide incredible service to our students.  They are dedicated to the success of the students, and find pride in their accomplishments.  
    John Powers Interpreters: Celeste Moresco, Becky Charlton, Stacy Stapleton, Caryn Brieschke & Eli Fish.
    Grayslake North Interpreters:  Kristen Goebeler, Teresa Lundstrom, Ren Purzak, Lindsey Nissen, Jenn Nicholls, Evryn Sevcech & Sara Houseman.