• About Fairhaven School

    Fairhaven School is a public therapeutic day school serving students in grades Early Childhood through Transition. 

    LASSO 3 (Language and Social Skills Opportunities) 

    The Language and Social Skills Opportunities 3 (LASSO 3) program serves students grades Early Childhood -Transition. Lasso 3 is a highly structured learning environment housed in a separate public day school. Students in our LASSO 3 program utilize an alternative curriculum that is research based for students with Autism and includes components of ABA. The LASSO 3 program utilizes TEACCH methods and visuals to allow students to navigate through  their learning. Students in our LASSO 3 program learn to self-regulate with the use of an adapted Zones of Regulation and token economy systems in order to attend to their learning.

    LASSO 2 (Language and Social Skills Opportunities) 

    A program for students from preschool to high school who exhibit characteristics generally associated with autism spectrum disorders and require a highly structured, specialized program to meet individual needs in the areas of communication, social skills, sensory needs, functional academics, and self help skills. This program focuses on skills presented through a modified curriculum based upon the Illinois Learning Standards. Since these classrooms are generally located in public school buildings, mainstreaming opportunities are considered. Parent involvement activities are sponsored throughout the school year.