• Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT)
    The Special Education District of Lake County’s Early Childhood Assessment Teams (ECAT) are committed to providing quality assessments to preschool aged children while working collaboratively with parents and school districts. Services for children under three can include developmental screenings, as well as vision screenings and audiological evaluations. Additionally, each year approximately 300 families with Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP) are assisted in the transition process, through a transition meeting, from Early Intervention to possible services through the public school district. Educational evaluations are available for children 2-1/2 to 6 years of age. Through play and structured activities, these evaluations provide a free comprehensive assessment of a child’s strengths and challenges in the following areas: gross and fine motor, hearing and vision, play, pre-academic skills, problem solving skills, sensory motor skills, social emotional skills, and speech and language skills. Bilingual evaluations are conducted when appropriate.

    Scheduling and Referrals
    To inquire about new referrals or to schedule an appointment for a child, Please contact []
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    Digital Tour of an ECAT Evaluation (English)

    Digital Tour of an ECAT Evaluation (Español)