• Academic Interventions

    Instruction is provided in small groups within the classroom based upon individual student needs. Due to the small student to teacher ratio, frequent individualized assistance is provided across academic, behavioral and emotional domains. The SEDOL English Language Arts and Mathematics Curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards and best practices, and is more intensive than that typically found in general education. Balanced reading and math programs are provided across all grade levels as well as science and social studies. Physical education is provided daily, with a health education component once a week. Art instruction is provided weekly. 


    The Problem Solving Process

    In addition to a strong Core Curriculum in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Emotional Learning/Character Education, South School uses the problem-solving method to develop individualized interventions when a student's performance in any area is of concern. Every classroom team has a minimum of two problem-solving meetings per month, and follow-up meetings are scheduled as needed. The Problem Solving Method consists of the following steps:

    • Is there a problem and what is it?
    • Why is the problem happening?
    • What can be done about the problem?
    • Did the intervention work?

    The educational team uses available data (such as observation, interviews, record review of standardized norm-referenced tests, functional behavioral assessment, curriculum-based measurement, ecological or environmental assessment, technology enhanced assessment, and progress monitoring) to analyze the concern, develop appropriate interventions and to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.