• Business and Finance
    The Business Office oversees all aspects of district finances and business services. These services include, but are not limited to, such tasks an annual audit, district budget, grant accounting,food service program, risk mangement, accounts payable, accounts receivable and employee payroll and benefits. The Assistant Superintendent of Business also supervises SEDOL's Operations and Maintenance Department.
    BO 2016
    Barbara Watson
    Assistant Superintendent of Business, CSBO 
    (847) 986-2327

    Ms. Barbara Watson presently serves as the Assistant Superintendent for Business, CSBS and has been employed with SEDOL since July 2010. Ms. Watson has worked in the business office of area school districts since 1994 and has been a business manager of school districts since 2001

    • Bachelor of Arts Degree – Accounting - Lakeland College
    • Masters of Arts Degree - School of Business Management - Northern Illinois University