Vocational Services Philosophy

  • The Vocational Services Department seeks to provide a series of practical vocational experiences that will allow each student an opportunity to develop to their maximum potential. The objectives for the vocational program are: to develop career awareness; career/work exploration, career/work preparation; career/work placement and experience.

Vocational Programs

    • Community Work Training Experiences
    • Independent Work Training Experiences
    • Vocational Discovery/EXPLORE
    • College First- introduction to college setting and responsibilities
    • College Plus- coaching/guidance while taking a class
    • Vocational Assessment
    • Job Track -on site coaching and start up support
    • Full Day Vocational Program- Project SEARCH 

Vocational Services

    • Connection to Postsecondary Agencies for Employment Services
    • Job Placement 
    • Career Exploration, Planning, Preparation, Training, and Placement
    • Resumes
    • Interviewing Process
    • Job Advocacy
    • Job Search
    • Job Application Process 
  • Vocational