• DHH Program at GNHS

    The SEDOL Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is located at Grayslake North High School (GNHS). The high school program provides for a wide range of academic and elective subject areas within general education as well as instructional classes with trained teachers of deaf and hard of hearing. All DHH Program staff members are proficient in sign language and courses within the instructional setting are taught using Conceptually Accurate Signed English and American Sign Language.
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  • Alexa Svetlecich

    My name is Alexa Svetlecich and I graduated from Illinois State University with my Bachelors in teaching deaf and hard of hearing students in 2018. My first two years of teaching I taught at the Center on Deafness. At the Center on Deafness I taught high school and elementary age students. In 2020 I accepted a junior high position at the John Powers Center. The following year I moved from the junior high to the high school where I currently teach now. Throughout all of my teaching experiences I have really loved working at the high school level. I am passionate about teaching students how to become independent adults. I feel that it is important for our students to have as much practice as possible being independent in the school setting, so when they do go off to live independently they are successful. When I am not working I love working out with my husband and reading.


    Tracy McMahon

    My name is Tracy McMahon and I have been a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing for ten years. I graduated from Illinois State University in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in Deaf Education.  I received my Master's from National Louis University in 2013 as a learning behavior specialist. I love working in the high school setting, as it gives me an opportunity to work with students on entering the adult world. I enjoy assisting them with applying to colleges and or getting jobs after they graduate. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am a mother to three adorable boys, I enjoy running, and have run five marathons!