• General Information on Programs 


    ELP (Exploring, Learning, Participating)

    This program serves students grade Early Childhood through Transition with severe and profound intellectual disabilities, those with multiple physical and cognitive challenges, and complex medical needs. Curricular activities are concrete and frequently include a sensory component. The teaching of functional skills, with particular emphasis placed upon communication, activities of daily living, recreation/leisure skills and vocational skills are also included in each student’s day. Social/emotional and behavior support is provided as needed on an individual bases.

    LASSO III (Language and Social Skills Opportunities) 

    The SEDOL Language and Social Skills Opportunity III (LASSO III) program is a program serving students grades Early Childhood -Transition. The student’s primary eligibility is typically Autism and requires significant staff intervention and direction. Students require significant sensory programs that are consistently regulated and monitored. Students require a self-contained school environment due to significant sensory dysregulation and/or inappropriate behaviors due to environmental influences, typically related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The classroom routine addresses behavior, sensory, and communication needs using a structured and predictable schedule. The LASSO III program provides instruction mostly on a one-to-one basis and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.