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Mrs. Ashley Merkel


Ashley Merkel’s Classroom

Intermediate Grade Level

Grades 4-6th


“You have sacrificed a lot to be here. I’m here to tell you how grateful I am and remind you that you are rainbows in clouds.”  -Maya Angelou
Welcome to my classroom webpage. In this class, we challenge the kids to be the best they can. We find ways through their senses to teach the curriculum using song, movement, stories, and pictures. Students use speech generating devices and pictures to make their voices heard throughout the day. We use an adapted version of the Unique curriculum. 

Our curriculum topics change monthly. This semester's curriculum topics are: 

   -It's Just a Phase! Phases of Matter

   - Cultures of Change: History

   - Energy around Us

   - To Market, To Market: Economics

   -Making it Last: Recycling

In intermediate, the students participate in two special groupings. On Wednesdays, students throughout intermediate are split into four groups (Functional Academic groups). These are math and science based groups. In this class, I teach a cooking lesson focused around measurement and math. At the beginning of each month I send home a “recipe permission slip” for parents to fill out and send back with the students. This includes the recipe ingredients for allergy purposes. The students participate in these groups for one hour then the groups rotate through each classroom each Wednesday of that month. The link to the recipe permission slips are below. 

The other groups are science experimentation, numbers, and survey/data collection. The other intermediate grouping is called Curriculum Groups. The intermediate pod is broken into three groups and the students rotate 30 minutes in each class to participate in various curriculum related activities (literacy, sensory/movement, and art). 

We go on mobility once a month to work on current curriculum topics, individual student’s goals and communication. The mobilities this semester are on my webpage calendar. 

We are always working hard in here but it’s always great to share things with the students from home. Some things that you can do at home to help activities within the classroom are 

   -filling in your students weekend home note (so we can use the information to have conversations on Mondays)

   -If you have an exciting or different event go on please share! Our students love to share home experiences with each other.

   -Send in a joke or a photo that they could share with each other. 

We are a busy room that likes to stay on the move so make sure to check back soon for other exciting news and events! 


April Group 1 Recipe Permission Slip 

April Group 2 Recipe Permission Slip

April Group 3 Recipe Permission Slip

April Group 4 Recipe Permission Slip

April Calendar

"I call my students "My Kids" because in our year together they aren't just kids on my class list, they become part of my heart"