• Regional Safe Schools Program (RSSP)

    The Regional Safe School Program (RSSP) serves expulsion-eligible and suspension-eligible students in grades 6-12. The statewide program began serving Illinois students in FY97 as established by 105 ILCS 5/13A of the Illinois School Code providing a system of alternative education programs for disruptive students.
    Because of the actions of a small number of disruptive students, local school districts face increasing problems in maintaining a safe environment for all students. Expelling or suspending disruptive students puts them on the street, which may increase safety and advance the learning environment inside the school premises, but does not serve the educational needs of the expelled or suspended students or the community’s need for public safety.
    The purpose of RSSP is twofold:
    1. to increase safety and promote the learning environment in schools and
    2. to meet the particular educational needs of disruptive students more appropriately and individually in alternative educational environments
    The RSSP has a set of guidelines, based upon best practices for alternative programs. Each student has an Individualized Optional Education Plan (IOEP) and positive outcomes include: reduction in disruptive behavior, regular attendance, coursework completion and credit received advancement in grade level, return to home school, grammar or high school graduation and where appropriate completing a program leading to taking the GED test and passing the GED.
    Behavior modification training and other counseling, life skills training, community service, and work-based learning experiences are aspects of RSSP. Computerized learning systems may supplement the primary academic instruction or may be used as the primary method of instruction.
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