Mrs. Kristine Erikson

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Mrs. Kristine Erikson

Welcome to room 207. We are part of the Intermediate Pod; which means our students are typically 4th through 6th graders. Our day starts out by having students work on their vocational skills. Some students are working on completing tasks such as puzzles, sorting items and putting things in/out; while others are working on activating a switch to run items such as a paper shredder.  

Another activity we have each morning is morning circle. This is where we talk about the day of the week, the weather, identifying our own name as well as our classmates, and our schedule for the day. It is also where we work on counting out the date and experience a number line by counting out how many students came to our class that day. Each day we work on the Unique Curriculum. This curriculum allows our class to experience activities that involve Reading, Writing, Math and Science. During the week we read a story that relates to the curriculum and have the students answer questions about what we just read. While some students are answering the questions from a field of 2-3 pictures, other students may be answering the questions by touching a manipulative that relates to the story.

Throughout the month, the students will work on math skills by doing math worksheets (using manipulatives and number lines,) cooking activities (using measuring cups, talking about more/less and counting out ingredients), or going through the school taking a survey (counting out the votes and then putting the results on a graph). Science activities are explored by doing science experiments and “analyzing” the data collected from the experiment. Writing activities are also used throughout the month. With writing activities, students get to explore choice making to complete sentence templates and or paragraphs. They also get the opportunity to experience journal writing, using words/pictures from a template, to express their ideas. Everyday the students have the chance to use technology. We explore technology by using items such as the computer, smart board, iPAD, and a variety of voice output devices.

Throughout the month, we also do a variety of art activities. The art activities may relate to the curriculum unit we are working on or a fun seasonal project. With art activities, we are able to explore things such as color and shape identification as well as choice making and following directions. Each month our class gets the opportunity to go out into the community. Each trip relates to the curriculum unit we are studying and gives the students a chance to work on things such as following the rules, staying with the group and exploring environmental signs.

After reading this, we hope you have a better idea of just some of the fun activities that happen in our classroom. We welcome you to stop by and see us in “action”.