Degrees and Certifications:

Vickie Pecoraro

We have five students who are very busy learning the classroom rules and routines.  We work hard on our curriculum goals; there is a different unit each month.  Answering curriculum questions and self advocacy are also practiced.  We work hard on using a functional vocabulary using our core words to communicate our likes and dislikes.   We also practice  our pre-vocational tasks by doing grasping and releasing tasks. Independence is encouraged at each student’s individual level.   We are very fortunate to have a swing, iPad, computer, and Smartboard in our classroom. Along with following directions and making good choices, we are working hard on our self-help skills such as hand washing and teeth brushing.  We know this keeps us healthy too. During remote learning instruction, our opportunities are limited but we are looking forward to going back in-person and facing the challenges that this school year brings!