Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Marie Petrillo

Hello and welcome to room 203 !  My name is Marie Petrillo and I am a primary teacher at the ELP program at Laremont. This year are class has been remote, I can not wait till we are all back in person.   I work along side this year with my awesome paraprofessional Patty Young and a great group of therapist. Currently we using an adaptive version of the Unique Curriculum that  has  a new  topic/unit monthly. We teach the curriculum through FUN, literature, props, songs, sensory materials, pictures and gross motor activities.  We follow a routine schedule, always starting the day with a fun calendar morning group.  We use a total communication model that includes; verbal, communciaton pictures, signs, gestures and various technology throughout their school day. We us a variety of technology including  IPADs, Smart board activities and mulitiple and single switches.   Our number one priority is keeping their attention and allowing them ways to express themselves. I truly love my job and feel very lucky to teach these wonderful children.