• About John Powers Center,  Deaf, and Hard Of Hearing Program

    The John Powers Center provides instructional and integrated services for students from early childhood to eighth grade who are deaf or hard of hearing and rely on sign language as their main mode of communication or use it to supplement their auditory and oral communication skills. All staff members at the John Powers Center are proficient in sign language and classes are taught using Conceptually Accurate Signed English and American Sign Language. Students with hearing loss may require a significant level of support services. In addition to traditional modes of therapy, a trans-disciplinary team model is utilized to carry over related service goals into the classroom. Educational teams work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive program of support during the entire school day. In addition, many deaf and hard of hearing students require sign language interpreters to understand the spoken word in academic and social situations.

    Students are placed at the John Powers Center by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Team.  If you are interested in a potential placement at the John Powers Center, please contact your resident school district's special services director.