Diagnostic Program

  • The Diagnostic Program is an alternative educational setting designed to provide individualized programming within the framework of an academic and therapeutic environment. When a student’s emotional or behavioral needs are not being met in the current placement, the school district and parents may see the need for a temporary alternative placement up to 60 days. The student may be a general education student in need of an initial Full Individual Evaluation or a special education student needing a reevaluation.

    The Interim Alternative Educational Setting (IAES) is provided when a student with an IEP has been involved in behavioral incident requiring a 45 day removal (drugs, weapons or serious harm). Continuation of services provided by the IEP is mandated by law at the time of removal. IAES allows students to continue programming in an alternative setting while addressing the behavior that led to the disciplinary action. This placement includes reevaluation components, if necessary, and intensive behavioral and therapeutic interventions.

    Components of the program:

    • The program will start with High School students placed in a separate Diagnostic classroom at Cyd Lash Academy.
    • Up to thirteen students maximum at any given time.
    • One teacher with a paraprofessional model.
    • Office Intervention to address immediate behavioral concerns.
    • Individual, group and substance abuse counseling.
    • Behavioral and therapeutic interventions and data collection.
    • Continuation of educational curriculum.
    • Integration into the milieu at Cyd Lash for physical education and electives, as appropriate.
    • Speech/Language and Occupational Therapy, as needed.
    • Psychiatric consultation, as needed.

    By the end of the placement, Special Education eligibility will be reviewed and an IEP will be developed incorporating the successful behavioral interventions. The Diagnostic staff will work closely with the home district to consider all possible appropriate placements, including return to the home school.

    For further information, contact:

    Assistant Principal
    (847) 986-1006
    Coordinator of Therapeutic Services
    (847) 986-2325