• A Message from Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Moline

    Dr. Thomas L. Moline
    Dr. Thomas Moline, Ph.D
    Doris Marcinkus
    Administrative Assistant
    As a former superintendent and Director of Special Education, it is my pleasure to serve as Superintendent of the Special Education District of Lake County. SEDOL has existed for over fifty (50) years as a dynamic service system dedicated to providing the best possible education for students with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. The primary Mission of SEDOL is to provide Exceptional Services for Exceptional Students.
    SEDOL’s special education service professionals firmly believe that:
    • All students shall be valued and treated with respect and dignity;
    • All students can succeed;Students shall be educated in or as close to their home school as appropriate;
    • Students shall be provided services based upon their individual needs;
    • The highest quality educational services shall be made available to all students; and,Schools, families, and communities shall work cooperatively to provide and promote appropriate educational services for all students.
    As Superintendent it is my job to ensure the best of educational opportunities for students who experience challenges during their public education. I can perform that primary responsibility best by receiving consistent feedback. Please take the opportunity to share your thoughts or your concerns. I can be contacted anytime by email at TMoline@sedol.us and by phone at (847)-986-2319 during normal office hours (8:00 – 4:30 p.m). Also, through my Administrative Assistant, Doris Marcinkus at DMarcinkus@sedol.us.

    Thomas L. Moline, Ph. D