Vocational Services

  • SEDOL Mart Cyd Lash Academy provides students with rich opportunities to learn vocational skills and apply them in a work setting. Students are placed in settings based on their academic, vocational, and social/emotional functioning, and they can earn credits towards graduation by participating in these activities. Site supervisors are present at each work location, and they work collaboratively with SEDOL's vocational team to meet the needs of Cyd Lash students. Typically, Cyd Lash students begin their vocational experience by participating in the food service program at the school, which involves preparing and distributing breakfast and hot lunch throughout the building. Students who are successful will often then work at a site on SEDOL's campus, including the SEDOL Mart, a store that makes and sells drinks, snacks, pizza, and crafts to the community, SEDOL's Copy Center, or as a classroom assistant at Gages Lake or Laremont School. Some students are then ready for an off-campus placement at a participating business in the community. Students at off-campus placements continue to learn and practice both the specific skills of the job, and other "soft" skills that any job requires, including taking direction from supervisors, resolving problems, self-advocacy, and complying with workplace rules and regulations. In addition, the vocational department assists students as they apply for college, helps them find scholarship opportunities, and connects them with agencies that provide job placement and training services when they graduate from high school.