Academic and Extracurricular Services

  • Jess Wood

    Cyd Lash Academy offers a wide range of core and elective courses that meet the graduation requirements of each of our member districts. Prior to the beginning of each semester, class schedules in each pair are carefully created only after a detailed analysis of each student's transcripts and remaining required classes are identified. Some elective courses include Cultural Foods, Woodworking, Building Trades, Guitar, and Band.

    Teachers at Cyd Lash use techniques that are multisensory, individualized for each student, and consistent with best practice. Cyd Lash has made preparations to ensure that instruction is consistent with the Common Core State Standards through professional development, curriculum mapping, and collaboration with member districts. Cyd Lash also employs an in-house reading specialist and math coach, and collaborates regularly with SEDOL's Asst. Superintendent of Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment and Coordinator of Curriculum an Instruction. 

    Students at Cyd Lash are assessed using a number of normed tools, including MAP, SRI, and AIMSWEB. Teachers are trained to interpret and analyze case student evaluations, which include data on cognitive, academic, and social/emotional functioning. Assessment data is collected throughout the school year, and is used by the team to make individualized instructional decisions to meet student needs. 

    Cyd Lash offers a variety of academic services to students to meet their unique academic needs. Read 180, a comprehensive literacy program taught by Cyd Lash's reading specialist, is available to struggling readers who meet the program's eligibility requirements. Read 180 uses a multisensory, step-by-step approach using technology to improve students' reading, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Some students may be eligible to receive 1-on-1 reading interventions with the reading specialist based on need. 

    Technology is an integral part of the instructional program at Cyd Lash. Each classroom has an interactive Promethean Board that teachers use to lead multisensory lessons in all subject areas. We have laptop carts with both MacBook and Chromebook that classrooms sign out regularly for students to do research projects, read primary source material, and to access web-based resources. Cyd Lash students also use Google Drive, a suite of programs similar to Microsoft Office, to write essays, create presentations, and use spreadsheets online and collaborate with teachers and peers.