About Cyd Lash Academy

  • CLA Welcome to Cyd Lash Academy. Cyd Lash provides an alternative high school setting, which uses a team approach, a variety of program models and support services to meet the unique academic, emotional and social needs of the students. Students must be deemed eligible for this setting by their home district’s Individual Education Program (IEP) team. Cyd Lash Academy uses the Circle of Courage model to guide the therapeutic approach used with students.

    Upon enrollment at Cyd Lash, students are placed in one of the 14 homerooms in the building, with approximately 7-9 students per class. Homerooms are paired, resulting in seven pair teams that include students from both homerooms, two teachers, two paraprofessionals, a social worker, and an assistant principal. Students are placed in a pair team that is best suited to meet their academic, behavioral, and emotional needs as stated in their IEP. Students in each pair take their academic classes with the teachers in the pair team, and electives are taught by teachers certified in PE, art, music, and industrial arts. The social worker assigned to the pair team works with students individually and in groups, and is available to assist in problem solving when necessary. A consulting psychiatrist, vocational coordinator, substance abuse counselor, art therapist and school nurse, as appropriate, provide additional student support and opportunities for work experience. Pair teams meet weekly to to ensure that they are effectively addressing student needs. When student issues arise, the pair team collaboratively develops, implements, and tracks interventions that are both individualized and consistent with Cyd Lash's policies and procedures.

    Students who have demonstrated significant growth by meeting IEP benchmarks and their program expectations may be eligible to gradually transition back to their home schools. Students who meet their district’s qualifications for graduation while in attendance at Cyd Lash Academy may participate in the Cyd Lash Academy graduation ceremony as well as the ceremony at their home school. Graduating students will also receive a diploma from their home school.