• Ashley Merkel’s Classroom

    Intermediate Grade Level 

     Ms. Brittany .                                                   Ms. Cheryl

    “When I look at my students I see unlimited possibilities” -unknown


    Welcome to Room 209! Our paraprfessionals in this class are Brittany Barkus and Cheryl Dixon. They are just as excited as I am to work with your child. In this class, we challenge the kids to be the best they can. We find ways through their senses to teach the curriculum using song, movement, stories, technology, and pictures. Students use speech generating devices and pictures to make their voices heard throughout the day. We use an adapted version of the Unique curriculum. 

    While this year brings on new challenges and struggles we are energized and ready to face them. While teaching remotely we will be using various technology to our advantage. My classroom will be in a virtual platform that changes daily. We will be utilizing google classroom to house materials. Live sessions (synchronous) will be taught the majority of the day and students will access these from their daily virtual classroom. Again, this year may look different but our overall goals for each student will remain the same- To educate and challenge each of them to be the best they can be because they are unqiue and wonderful in each of their own ways. 

    Our curriculum topics change monthly. This year’s curriculum topics are: 

       -We Have Rules and Laws (Government)

       -Make It Move

       -Living in Early America (Physical Science)

       -Gift of Giving (Holiday Unit)

       -Keeping My Body Healthy (Health and Life Science)

       -We Are a Community (History) 

       -Our Changing Weather (Earth and Space Science)

       -Changes Help, Changes Hurt (Geography)

       -See How They Grow (Life Science) 


    We are a busy virtual room that likes to stay on the move so make sure to check back soon for other exciting news and events! 

     "I call my students "My Kids" because in our year together they aren't just kids on my class list, they become part of my heart"