• SEDOL Confirmed/Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases

    During the week of: 7/23/22-7/30/22

  • SEDOL Confirmed/Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases

    During the week of: 7/8/22-7/15/22



    SEDOL Masking Policy Based on Local Data


    Based on case rates within SEDOL’s community, SEDOL will be implementing the below masking policy based on current SEDOL building* data on February 28, 2022. The level of masking required under the policy is determined on a building-by-building basis and provides for three possible masking requirement levels based on the current number of positive cases in an individual building.  At any given time, an individual building may (1) recommend, but not require, masking, (2) require situational masking, or (3) require universal masking. SEDOL continues to highly recommend that all staff and students follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (“CDC”) recommendations of wearing a mask, social distancing, and regularly washing hands regardless of a building’s current requirements. Beginning on February 28, 2022, the following policy is effective:


    1.        SEDOL highly recommends that all staff and students continue masking when in school buildings regardless of the specific level of masking requirements in their building. If individuals have concerns about their safety and health under this policy, students should contact their program nurse and staff should contact Dr. Laura Wojcik to discuss individual needs.


    2.        Masks are highly recommended at all times, but not required, for students and staff in an individual building in which there has been no student or staff exposure to a positive case in the school setting. 


    3.        A SEDOL building will shift to a situational masking requirement for a minimum of ten (10) days if there is one positive student or staff case in that building. When situational masking is implemented, masking is required for all students, staff, and visitors in all areas where contact tracing determines the positive case was present.  Such areas potentially include, but are not limited to, classrooms, hallways, and lunchrooms.


    4.        A SEDOL building will shift to a universal masking requirement for a minimum of ten (10) days if there are two or more positive cases in that building. Universal masking means that masking is required for all students, staff, and visitors at all times when present in that building or during SEDOL sponsored events in that building.


    5.        In addition to the circumstances described in Paragraphs 3 and 4, SEDOL may require situational or universal mask wearing in response to other compelling circumstances.


    6.        Masks are required in SEDOL Nurse Offices and Quarantine Rooms when there is more than one individual present regardless of an individual building’s current masking requirements. Masks will be made available for students and nurses.


    7.        Masks are required on all transportation regardless of individual building requirements.


    8.        Whenever there is a change in the level of masking requirements for a given building, the administration will email all students and staff, update SEDOL’s website, and post signs by each entry door designating masking requirements/recommendations.


    9.        To demonstrate understanding, empathy and support of a student’s choice or their potential health issues, SEDOL respectfully requests that staff wear a mask when working 1:1 or in small groups with students who are wearing a mask.


    10.   SEDOL will continue to notify the Lake County Health Department  when notified of a positive case via the Lake County Health Department Red Cap System. SEDOL will communicate school transmission rates via the SEDOL’s website.