• Curriculum topics and books to go with them:

    If you would like to circle back to any favorite topics, here are some of the books we read. 


    September: I can follow the rules

    Back to School Rules by Laurie Friedman

    David Goes to School by David Shannon

    Following Rules by Robin Nelson


    October: Move it!

    Forces Make Things Move by Kimberly Bradley

    Move by Steven Jenkins

    Fast Train, Slow Train by Wilbert Awdry


    November: People long ago

    Communication Then and Now by Robin Nelson

    A New House by Jill Wenzel

    Fry Bread a Native American Family Story by Kevin Maillard


    December: Holidays

    Kindness is My Superpower by Alicia Ortega

    Be Kind by Pat Miller

    I Can Help by David Hyde


    January: I can be healthy


    February: I live in a community


    March: Tell me about the weather


    April: Chaning our land


    May: Plants can grow