• Social Work Services

    Students receive social work services weekly in classroom groups, on an individual basis once a week as needed, and small groups weekly based upon their profile of emotional/behavioral strengths and weaknesses. These skills support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) as defined by the Illinois Learning Standards, as well as Gages Lake's Behavioral Motivation System (BMS). A research-based curriculum has been utilized to educate students about important social skills and emotional regulation. Also emphasized during social work, is identifying and relating character traits to experiences in school, home and community. Social work involves identification of feelings in self and others, increasing feelings-related vocabulary and appropriate expression of emotions, anger management, self-regulation. Problem solving skills on resolving conflicts with others, making positive/appropriate choices when faced with obstacles and/or difficult situations and identification of coping strategies that can enhance his emotional regulation (i.e. deep breathing, counting, self-talk, self-timeout, talking to staff) are addressed as well.