• Emergency School Closing
    When snow or other circumstances cause our schools to close, the automated emergency calling system will send a message to the telephone number or email address provided by each family. Please be sure contact information is current. The system is also capable of sending a text message. Information will also be posted on the school website. Information can be accessed through the SEDOL website at www.sedol.us or call SEDOL (847)548-8470.
    You may also access information on school closings by listening and watching the following radio and news stations:
    ✴WMAQ 670(AM)
    ✴WKRS 1220 (AM)
    ✴WGN 720 (AM)✴WXLC 102.3 (FM)
    ✴WBBM 78 (AM)
    ✴CBS, FOX, WGN, and CLTV
    Additional information may also be available by calling Transition Department 847-986-2450
    ***Even if schools are open, the final decision about attendance remains with the student/parent. A decision to close or open school cannot take into account every circumstance. We can best protect the safety and welfare of all students if parents decide what is best for their student.***