• The Transition Department utilizes a team approach to support student growth and success. Services are provided by team members including but not limited to: Special Education Teacher, Social Worker, Psychologist, School Nurse, Vocational Facilitators, Art Therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist, and other services as driven by the Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Transition Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Phone Number E-Mail Position Website URL
Almond Ken 847-388-6065 Job Coach
Barker Allison ELL/TPI Teacher
Barquin Mary Anne 847-388-6065 Job Coach
Baucus Ann Nurse
Berman Mary ELP
Blaz Chery Physical Therapist
Boyd Sandy Hearing Itinerant
Brabender Kieth 847-986-2450 Job Coach
Buckman Theresa Social Worker
Callahan Sandra Assistive Technology
Chism Dana 847-986-2448 Assistant Supervisor
Cirone Linda 847-986-2944 Teacher
Ellwing Jake Nurse
Evans Katie 847-986-2944 Job Coach
Evans Pamela 847-986-2449 Supervisor
Franchini Katie 847-388-6065 Job Coach
Gaile Tammy Speech Language Pathologist
Gold Erik 847-986-2944 Job Coach
Gordon Nancy 847-986-2450 Job Coach
Gunther Lynda Vocational Facilitator
Hanson Jacquie 847-986-2944 Job Coach
Hanson Sally 847-388-6065 Job Coach
Hefler Sharon 847-986-2450 Teacher
Hernandez Dawn Occupational Therapist
Hussby Jussara 847-986-2450 Job Coach