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SEDOL Quarterly Newsletter

SEDOL May 2017 Newsletter
In this issue:
  • No Escaping The Mandates - SEDOL conducts six separate mandated testing programs every school year. Read how SEDOL accesses the power of technology to manage the growing variety of required testing for a very diverse student population.
  • Are You Repeating Yourself? - 80% of the words we speak constitute our daily Core Vocabulary. Learn about SEDOL's efficient and effective efforts to give all students a voice in school, home and community.
  • No Problem, I'll Take The Snow Plow To School Today - A lucky student at Gages Lake School finds the way to get to school, no matter what the weather.
  • A STAR of a Program - Learn about the latest and very effective instructional approaches within SEDOL for teaching students with autism.
  • The School Year That Doesn't End - What does it take to produce SEDOL classroom programming through June and July (for 31 member school districts)? A lot of coordination, to start. Become aware of the many components of SEDOL's Extended School Year program.
  • What's For Dinner? - There is actually a curriculum at SEDOL to address that very important question. Read all about it.
  • Heart of Gold - The SEDOL Foundation comes to the support of Lake County's most challenged students . . . again and again.
  • ....and much more!
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