• SEDOL Groups

    Parent Support Group (PSG)
    Questions may be directed to Katy Schuhrke, Parent Support Group Co-Facilitator,at KSchuhrke@sedol.us

    Relative as Parents Program (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren; RAPP)
    RAPP meets the third Tuesday of each month September thru May.
    Call Linda Amundsen (847-986-2325) for information, LAmundsen@sedol.us

    Parent Support group is for families with children at Laremont School.  We typically meet Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. one time per month.  Our groups vary with a speaker with a particular resource, some dedicated to our Auction support, and  some with just time to talk and share resources or issues.  Feel free to come to one or all groups, you are welcome at any point. 
    This year some of our meetings will be held jointly with the SEDOL/Autism Parent Support Group, which meets at the SEDOL Administration Building located at 18160 W. Gages Lake rd. Gages Lake, Illinois.  Our groups have similar resource needs and have decided to come together for presentations.
    Unless noted otherwise, all Laremont Parent Support Group meetings are at Laremont School at 17934 Gages Lake rd. Gages Lake, IL.  We are privileged to be be able to offer free babysitting thanks to our PTO support.  Please refer to your monthly notice to see if babysitting is being offered and please RSVP in advance if a babysitter is needed. 

    What is a Sibshop?
    A Sibshop is described by Don Meyer, Director of the Sibling Support
    Project, as “opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with
    health and developmental needs to obtain peer support and education
    within a recreational context.” Siblings meet with their peers in an
    energetic, fun celebration of the many contributions made by brothers
    and sister of kids with special needs. They are able to share the
    good and not so good parts about having a sibling with special needs.
    It is not a therapy, but may be therapeutic for some children.
    SEDOL Sibshop Information:
    SEDOL Sibshops are for children between the ages of 5 and high school.
    There is a small cost for each meeting to cover lunch which is $7.
    Sibshops are held once per month on Saturdays for the months of
    September, October, November, February, March, and April. Sibshops
    start at 10am and end at 1pm.
    For information about SEDOL's Sibshop, contact Sheila Geier at sgeier@sedol.us or 847-986-2567. 

    Laremont Parent Teacher Organization(PTO)