• Executive Board

    The second tier of governance is the Executive Board, which consists of nine members: four Governing Board members, four member district superintendents and the Lake County Regional Superintendent of Schools. With the exception of the Regional Superintendent, Executive Board members are appointed by the Governing Board with consideration being given to representation from school districts serving elementary and secondary age students and to representation based on geographical areas and sizes of districts. The Governing Board delegates to the Executive Board the authority necessary to manage particular operations of the district.

    Regular meetings of the Executive Board begin at 9:30 am and are held in the bay room at the SEDOL administrative office building.**Dates and locations are subject to change.

    Please call 847-986-2319 to confirm.

    Executive Board Members

    • Dr. Christy Sefcik, President, Superintendent - Grant High School District #124
    • Mrs. Odie Pahl, Vice President, Governing Board Member - Gurnee District #56
    • Dr. Lonny Lemon, Superintendent - Oak Grove District #68
    • Dr. Jason Lind, Superintendent - Millburn District #24
    • Dr. Stephen Mack, Governing Board Member - Community Consolidated District #46
    • Mrs. Carey McHugh, Governing Board Member - Wauconda Unit District #118
    • Mrs. Joanne Osmond, Governing Board Member - Lake Villa District #41
    • Mr. Bob Gold, Superintendent - Big Hollow District #38
    • Roycealee Wood, Regional Superintendent of Schools, Lake County

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