• When Do I Send My Child Back to School?
    As if it weren't difficult enough to figure out when to keep a child home from school, parents often find it equally hard to tell when it's time to send their child back to school. Here are a few basic guidelines:
    • Your child no longer exhibits signs of pain or illness.
    • Your child is fever free for at least 24 hours.
    • Your child is sleeping well and appears energetic.
    • Bodily functions have returned to normal.
    • If antibiotics have been prescribed, your child needs to be on the medication for at least 24 hours, or longer, before returning to school. Be sure to follow the doctor's recommendations for school participation and turn in notes if there are any restrictions on activity.
    • The "runny nose" has diminished to the sniffles, easily controlled with occasional wiping, and the mucous is clear.
    • Your child's cough is infrequent and non-productive.
    • Your child is eating, playing and looking pretty much back to normal. 

    It is essential to recognize the value of good school attendance in order for your child to consistently participate in classroom instruction. Your child is encouraged to attend school regularly to be a successful learner. 

    Sick Children Belong at Home!
    Healthy Children Belong at School!