• Student Mobile Device Initiative

  • Focusing on the State of Illinois adoption of the ISTE standards for teachers and students, the main goal of SEDOL's mobile device initiative is to promote student achievement, as well as teacher professional growth.

    Description of the Program

    Many SEDOL students use Chromebooks as their main mobile device. As a Google Apps for Education District, Chromebooks are user-friendly Internet devices that connect the students easily into their Google accounts and teacher Google Classroom workspaces. SEDOL also promotes using iPads in our classrooms, whether 1:1, shared center-based groups, or professional staff assigned. Teachers and service providers are asked to submit proposals identifying specific curricular intention, examples of anticipated iPad use, and how technology is currently integrated into their instruction. The proposals are evaluated for innovative ideas, clear and specific plans for iPad integration and creative responses. The iPad program began in 2013-14 with four classrooms and has grown to approximately 500 iPads in a variety of SEDOL classroom programs. Our innovative educators have been inspired to integrate iPads throughout the school day as they experience how the devices transform their students' learning in extraordinary ways. 

Picture of student putting away classroom iPad
  • Quotes from Participating Teachers

    "I can no longer imagine teaching any other way."

    "The iPad has revolutionized my teaching."


    "Implementation into our curriculum has been very smooth and easy."

    "The iPads have helped students enjoy writing, reading and math with less frustration and resistance."


    "I learned that there is no limitation to what my students can do with the iPads."

    "The world of technological possibilities unfolded right in front of my students and me."

    Value and Potential

    "In this short time with the iPads I have learned their value and have just begun to tap into their potential."

    "It was an incredibly valuable and educational experience for them and for me."