Exceptional Services for Exceptional Students
18160 W. Gages Lake Rd., Gages Lake, IL 60030-1819
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About Sally Potter School

Sally Potter School is one of SEDOL’s public therapeutic day schools for elementary students who have significant emotional and behavioral needs servicing students grades 1-8.  The focus of the program is to provide therapeutic interventions to help students manage their social and emotional needs and also to develop their academic skills.  The program incorporates positive interventions through a highly structured environment that provides students with opportunities to utilize these strategies.  The goal is to help students internalize these learned skills and then to generalize these skills into a less restrictive educational setting.

Educators and therapists work to develop the whole child to enable him or her to reach their individual goals and maximize their feelings of self worth, emotional well being and academic knowledge. Academic instruction is tailored to meet the needs of each student. While addressing the student’s needs, teachers incorporate the core standards adopted by the state in conjunction with the SEDOL curriculum. The SEDOL curriculum uses a Balanced Literacy and Balanced Math approach.  Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), Character Education and the SEDOL Social Emotional frameworks provide the foundations for social and emotional development for our learners. Other research based or data driven therapeutic and academic interventions may be implemented based upon an individual’s social, emotional and learning needs. Social and emotional instruction and support are embedded within the daily school structure and routine.

The program collaborates with parents and the student’s home district to provide a team approach in helping the student maximize his or her potential. When students exit from the Sally Potter School Program, they leave with the skills necessary to become lifelong learners and successful, productive citizens.

Sally Potter School Staff

Adams, Josh Teacher 847-986-2485
Anderson, Helene Secretary 847-986-2489
Assmann, Judith Instructional Tech 847-986-2469
Assmann, Judith Instructional Tech 847-986-2469
Basten, Lori Occupational Therapist 847-986-2466
Bialachowski, Maureen Nurse 847-986-2484
Cotteleer, Marla Teacher 847-986-2464
Curtin, Michelle Prinicipal 847-986-2455
DeLeon, Tanya Teacher 847-986-2471
Gallaher, Marilyn Teacher 847-986-2460
Glazer, Jim OI Teacher 847-986-2485
Hagerty, Robyn Social Worker 847-986-2485
Haines, Kelley Social Worker 847-986-2451
Hillbo, Jennifer Psychologist 847-986-2457
Iwans, Sharon Teacher 847-986-2461
Jones, Heather Art Teacher 847-986-2490
Kruszynski, Hennie Speech Therapist 847-986-2491
Malitz, Deborah Social Worker 847-986-2456
Martinez, Tia Assistant Principal 847-986-2454
McCarthy, Carol Reading Specialist 847-986-2482
Nussbaum, Jeff Teacher 847-986-2475
Salmons, Bob OI Teacher 847-986-2485
Schmitt, Linda Teacher 847-986-2459
Shaw, Flo OI Teacher 847-986-2485
Simonson, Kelly Teacher 847-986-2463
Smith, Robin Teacher 847-986-2462
Walker, Caryn Teacher 847-986-2473
Wells, Jane Teacher 847-986-2472
Winston, Lisa Social Worker 847-986-2465
Woodrich, William OI Teacher 847-986-2485
Yapo, Michelle Social Worker 847-986-2483
Zanarini, Ann Transition Teacher 847-986-2478